In search of the sublime?

On a couple of occasions I have been asked to explain exactly what I mean by “In search of the sublime” or what it really means to me. It’s a complex issue, that spans all different genres in photography and art. Some more mainstream and recognisable than others.

Where can you begin with something so broad, where most of us look for something desirable in parts of out everyday lives. Surely the Aston Martin my brother wants to drive is part of his search for the sublime, the white sandy beach with turquoise blue sea, backed by lush greenery and palm trees where my parents dream of holidaying is part of theirs. Mine, not so much materialistic as artistic, using my medium. Which just happens to be photography.

From the landscape to a very controlled studio environment, I look for my sublime through the lens. Be that a fleeting moment where the light on a mountain makes you stop and just watch in awe, or weather thats making a mundane subject appear extra-ordinary. So I guess my search for the sublime is infinite and non defined. I know it when I see it is as best as I can do to explaining it myself. Everyone has there own interpretation of the ‘Sublime’, mine just happens to be moments in time that I can take a photograph from, look back and be projected to that very moment.

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