Every Frame Counts

In what seems like a more and more photographic and image based age, photography seems to be popping up everywhere and used to create images of absolutely everything. Food, shoes and what not on Instagram seem to be popular and Facebook feeds are now just blitzed with endless amounts of baby photos, drunk nights out and things most of us wouldn’t care to know about.

In the next two minutes alone, the human race will take more photographs than were taken in the entire 1800’s.

Admittedly, that included the early pioneering days of photography where it was only available to rich, entrepreneuring photographers but the Kodak/ Eastman company had made it more readily available by the turn of the century.

An estimated 10% of all the photographers ever taken were in 2012. As the ease of cheap digital cameras and imaging technology moves forward, I can’t see that this will slow down in any way soon.

So as professional photographers and students looking to move into the industry we need to make our frames count. We need to stand well above the rest of the photographic noise from relatively proficient amateurs and and continue to raise the bar. Who knows in what way the industry will go in the next 10 years, but I’m looking forward to the ride!

Thanks, Edward

PS. pop along to my website and check out some of the new work I’ve been putting up


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