Photographers Block

Photographers block.

We all get it right? That desperate need to shoot something new and interesting that will captivate your audience, yet your feeding off scraps for ideas. Feeling generally uninspired and flat about the prospect of shooting something in a few weeks time, that you have yet to cultivate an idea and work with, develop and see through into fruition.

So thats where I am at the minute. I have a few ideas floating around that I am hoping to get done over the next 6 or so weeks. But the ideas are vague. Only select ones will make the cut. The ones that excite me from the first thought. And they seem to be in short supply at the minute, or the ones that I find myself wanting to shoot more have to be shelved for a while as budgets get eaten up in a heartbeat.

Its a phase. I’ll come through. Hopefully.

2 thoughts on “Photographers Block

  1. Of course, we all feel this. It comes and goes… you can either put it aside, or tackle it head on. Really, in the greater scheme of things, this isn’t an entirely awful place to be in :). Arguably a very good place to be…

    I think as long as you follow something personal, with meaning to yourself, then when people view your work they’ll understand, relate and in turn hopefully be captivated by what you’re putting forward 🙂

  2. Thanks Richard. I appreciate you taking the time to read and have a think about what I am trying to put across. I feel being honest with yourself is probably the best way to be, to admit that you are struggling with something and then to do something about it and make it happen.
    Watch this space!!

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