Personal work. What does it really mean?

I find myself pondering a lot over new ideas. Sometimes for weeks or months before I settle on something.
Personal work to me, gives a little extra. It’s something of myself, my own ideas and thoughts mapped out into a visual frame. All be it a little bit odd sometimes.
But I don’t want my personal work to just become a technical exercise. Of course that’s great, but sometimes getting too technical can make a concept or idea a little muddy when you get bogged down in over complicating things.
I feel that personal work keeps the love of photography alive for me. Having total control over the whole process from the seed of an idea right through to completion. That’s very important to me. And that’s the bit I love most, seeing that idea come through to a final distillation of the whole process.

Call me why you will, but my personal work is very important to me. Because it is me. All of me. Nothing more, nothing less.
Thanks, Edward.

P.s excuse the image quality, this was on the move!!


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