A Month in the Making

Some new work from me, which was a whole month in the making.

I struggled with this idea for a while, getting down to the nitty gritty details. I couldn’t quiet decide where I wanted to take this idea, but it had to have atmosphere. An almost classic feel to it, with a desk by a window and an adventure being planned before you is the story here.

I trolled the internet for appropriate props. The map is a 1922 plate from The Times. A crystal Whiskey glass helped the feeling of the era, but at the same time hinted at a lavish and luxury lifestyle. And yes, thats real whiskey in there. I couldn’t get it quiet right with tea. I toyed with the idea of a pipe being held in as though someone was leaning over, admiring a planned route, but ultimately, it over-complicated matters.

A diverse and not quiet lateral route around the map helped to bridge the gap over The Atlantic and stop a circular and pretty boring way round. The string, I dyed in super strong coffee to fit with the overall colour that I was going for here.


Looks like a month in the making can pay off.

Thanks, Edd


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