The Dogs Dinner

This was one of the first pieces of personal work that I did with the whole set being controlled using and lit flash. Having total control over everything and taking the time to find and buy the right props to help create a scene. Prior to this, the majority of my own work had been landscape based.

So if you can cast your mind back to the early months of 2013 and the ‘horsemeat’ scandal that just seemed to snowball and get bigger and bigger. This image was something that came from that whole saga as it unravelled. It began with horse meat being found in cheaper product lines that some well known supermarkets sell, but it soon became clear that even some of the branded lines of food were found to contain horse meat.

I purposely got the subject to sit in a suit. Hopefully this automatically makes you think that the subject is slightly better off or some high flyer maybe? That was the point anyway… Its trying to make a statement about the fact that it wasn’t just the cheap foods that we were possibly eating which contained poor quality ingredients. The colour scheme was derived from a popular high street supermarkets colour scheme (I’ll let you figure out who that is.)

Above all, I wanted to show that we don’t know what we are really eating anymore these days, no matter what your social status. For all you know, whats inside the 39p pasty you’ve just bitten into for lunch and what you put down into the dogs bowl this morning couldn’t be too far apart. So a fitting name for this piece could only be ‘The Dogs Dinner’.

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 11.10.26


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