New work: behind the scenes

It might be a little while until you get to see the final work from this, as it’s the first in a series that I’m hoping to get shot before christmas. But for now a taster of some behind the scenes might just do!
Had the idea for this series a while back, whilst I was on the road assisting actually. Chilling after a long and hectic day on set and then the lightbulb came on, so I scribbled down some ideas and bits into my little sketch/ideas pad as quickly as I could!!

Something that I seemed to have learned, at my own cost is to carry a note book places, just to jot those ideas so that they are safe and remembered.



Theres olly in the distance just having a cheeky little peek at whats going on through the camera!!



It did get pretty tight actually in the set, a few times I almost found myself caught up in a web of lines!!




Thats me, faffing around on the floor, whilst a curious person inspects the set and questions what I am actually doing!!

Anyway, so I’m not giving much away from this really am I, but I’ll be sure to make a noise when I finally get around to releasing the series of work!! I must apologise for the lack of decent photos too, grabbing some behind the scenes stuff became very much an after-thought.

Thanks must go out to Lawrence and Olly who kindly gave up their time to assist me on this!! Cheers Guys!!

Looking forward to shooting the next in this series of work!! Watch this space!!


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