A recent personal project based around environmental issues. Helen Musselwhite made the models for me, you should definitely check out her work, its amazing ( Had great fun shooting this one, even though it was a challenging and technical one. Check out the behind the scenes video here. You can see this work as part of an exhibition that opens on June 17th at Hoxton Arches, London, running until June 21st.

Cyanamide [CH2N2] – Shock-sensitive, organic compound. Unstable – heat sensitive. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong reducing agents, bases, acids, iron and its salts, steel, brass, lead, moisture. Reacts with acids to produce very toxic gas.

gorilla tiger

Some species that once thrived in their natural environments are now under huge threat from extinction due to human kind. The bubble could burst at any time, impacting whole habitats and food chains. Our children and grandchildren could only experience some of these species through controlled environments, away from where they once roamed freely. For some the impact from over hunting, over fishing, illegal trade and tourism has been too much. These animals have been lost forever.

polar bear coralConservationists continue the fight to help protect what is left of the wild environments and nurture dwindling numbers of their inhabitants.

Thanks, Edd

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