Blok Knives

Sanj from The Quarterly got me together with Ben to shoot a piece for the magazine with the theme of journey. In this instance, the journey of craftsmanship. Ben from Blok knives was only too keen to get involved and was an absolute pleasure to work together on this one.

Blok Knives workshop

Its great to see someone who’s so passionate about what they do and taking the time to make something so beautiful and unique in this day and age. Safe to say, I’ll be placing myself an order for one of Ben’s knives sooner rather than later!!

You can check out his work at:

“When I walk into work it just makes me smile, because I know I’m going to make a knife.”

Blok paring copy_f1 blok chef copy



blanks star


Blok Knives107074 Blok Knives107088 Blok Knives107023 Blok Knives107113

Ben Blok Knives

It was a pleasure to photograph Ben in his workshop, a great character I’m sure you’ll agree. It was also great to have such beautiful products to take back to the studio and photograph. I hope to work with Ben again in the near future for sure!


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