Forthglade Organic pet foods.

This was the first time that I have worked with the Green Chameleon guys in Bristol (check out their work). They came to me with a brief for some still life images for their client Forthglade who produce organic pet foods, all made in the UK.

The brief consisted of a couple of parts, firstly they wanted some images of the fresh ingredients that go in to the pet food and then some images with the ranges of products in a collection type scenario. I was more than happy to get involved with this one and I’m pleased to say that both the client and the agency, along with myself are really stoked with the images that we got on the day!!

Forthglade - Green Chameleon109475-Recovered Forthglade - Green Chameleon109543-Recovered Forthglade - Green Chameleon109494 Forthglade - Green Chameleon109654 Forthglade - Green Chameleon109673

Looking forward to working with the guys at GC and Forthglade again. Also, massive shouts to Paul Mckelvie for his help and assistance on this one!!


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